Rahasyo Nagarir Chabi

Rakib Anwar

Every day so many stories are being made around us, some define us, some affect us, and some we don’t even see. Rakib constructs his own version of them in his artworks mostly using delicate pen sketch and breaking down the composition in a semi-comical manner. He enjoys experimenting with color to catalyze spontaneity with bold traits of color to conjure expressionist language. 

For his successful experimentation technique, he has been awarded Kazi Abdul Based Memorial Award for experimental art, 2017 in All Annual Exhibition, Department of Drawing and Painting, Faculty of Fine Art, University of Dhaka, 2012- 2017. Among his notable participation in exhibitions, 22nd Berger Young Painter’s Art Exhibition, 2017, 21st Young Artist Exhibition, Bangladesh, 2018, King Kortobya Group Exhibit at Café Mango, Dhaka, Bangladesh, 2018 are most notable.

“Painting is my way of writing stories.”

The painter invites you to try and unlock the door to this mysterious city. A place that is crammed and disorientating like a dictionary without a proper sequence. From the outset the streets look gridlocked and packed with disconnected overlapping incidents – but a deeper look reveals it’s layers and the interconnections. 

From the trumpet-blowing-skeletons to the assured crow, from the obedient CC camera to the full frontal cockfight, from the upturned rickshaw to the commode-carrying-hyper-van and everything in between – these absurd incidents collectively gives way to a lurking yellow.

How one goes about finding the right key – that is entirely up to the seeker.